Self Managed Superannuation


Superannuation is one of the most complicated and regulated areas of the Australian law. While self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) offer great opportunities, if they are not managed well they can lead to unfavourable outcomes.

Advantage Flow provides administration and compliance services for SMSFs, as well as providing up to date superannuation advice and legislative changes to trustees to ensure that members are invested and operated within the compliance framework and aligned to the fund’s investment goals.

Whether you are retired or still accumulating wealth, we ensure your SMSF is structured well right from the start.



Australian superannuation can be complex, but can provide significant tax advantages for both saving and investing for retirement. Advantage Flow provides accurate, relevant information and advice on all matters pertaining to maintaining and operating your SMSF.

With Australia’s ageing population, the need for timely information and effective processes relating to superannuation is more important than ever. Our superannuation experience helps provide specialist insight into the tax advantages of superannuation, assisting you to secure your future by maximising the benefits, and minimising any stress within the often confusing superannuation legislative framework.

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